Meher Baba Life & Travels Web site

This web site is dedicated to the extensive travels of Meher Baba throughout his advent.


The site has 28 folders or sections which can be viewed separately, or can be accessed by the under-scored words which can transport you to the relevant section and article instantly.


The first section which is quite extensive, is marked "His Close Ones"- it has 2 sections ; 1) Easterners   2) Westerners ; each section has separate folders for Men & Women and each comprises a long list of names, a page is given to each name.


The main section is the "Trips & Journeys" which is principally a timeline of Baba's activities. It starts with his encounter with Hazrat Babajan in 1915 through to the late 1960's.

Within this section relevant decades can then be accessed for a more detailed view of the events.


The next section "Newsletter Articles & Letters" covers the authors ( Anthony Zois ) contributions with the Australian newsletter " Meher Baba Australia "


The next sections cover the mode of transport that the Avatar used whether it was by ship, plane, train or by road.


The following section " Locations Gallery " covers most of the locations that Baba travelled to, whether it was within India or abroard. The locations pages principally have images and some information. Where possible, the images of the places are of the same vintage as of the time Baba travelled to them.


Another section " Assorted Personalities " details some of the many characters that either approached Baba or that he had mentioned to others in conversation.

All of these sections are all linked to the relevant point on the time line.

The following folders / sections are for the Arts and other interesting subjects.

Because of the vast amount of travel that Meher Baba made, the web site will take a long while to complete. A work in progress.


Contibutions of images or text are most welcome.

Come and explore this wonderful window to Meher Baba's world of travel.