Frances Yule




I'm having

a slouch-around day

doing nothing much

restless but unmotivated


i surf the net

look for Meher Baba sites

interrupt the search

to play mindless games


wander around the garden

hope there'll be rain soon

a few plants look weary


wonder how to love Baba

other than through nature

His creation


worry that it's not enough

then decide

I've got countless lives

to get through yet

and I know


He'll wait....





I prepare to make

the final leap

There is nothing more

to seek

nowhere to be

nothing to do

but  surrender

to His heady wine


SELF & self


destroy the fantasies

you cling to yourself

wrap your judgements up

in old fish & chip paper

burn your verdicts

in an old oil drum

shatter  the mirrors

that reflect


gouge your eyes out....


see your  Self.....


naked on the shores

of  the barren nowhere

lost & a little mad

trembling in awe

craving for

the comfortable spaces

in your imagination

of shadowful plays...




when you let go

of false beliefs

of  fabricated gods

feel the quicksand

under your bare feet

as you're drawn into

the timeless time

before you fell asleep

& dreamt

your illusion into being




as I leap into loving You

I’m like a drowning thing


suddenly all the love songs

are about You


all the passionate poetry

full of promise


and all the blossoms

fill the air with heady sweetness


as I leap into loving You

I’m like a drowning thing







Chapter One

the first time You came

long before I knew your name

I was a teenager from a country town

walking along a deserted street

wondering at the aftermath of a thunderstorm

 “What is God?”

You gave me a glimpse of  the One

A taste of the Bliss

You answered “Everything and Nothing”

Then going back into my home

feeling dazed

My grandfather beat me

for talking to boys in a car

up on the corner.

The memory of that day

bewildered me for years

How could he have seen something

That didn't happen,  no cars, no boys.

Just me alone on a dirt road

surrounded by bush.



Chapter Two


Years later

in another country

returning home one late afternoon

after dropping a hitchhiker off

Your smiling face appeared

larger than life

in front of the car

You crooked your finger

a silent call “Come! Come!”

It was the year from hell


marriage disintegrated

grandmother disowned me

lost the business

lost friends

nervous breakdowns

locked wards

mother died

chronic alcoholism

and I became psychic



Chapter Three


In my blackest hours,

begging to be relieved of life

You took me as a newborn babe

and cradled me in Your arms

Not a sound was made

and yet I heard Your beating Heart

And felt Your Love warm my very blood

Muttering and mad in a manic state

You enveloped me in perfect silence

and gave me poems and songs

instructions on life and death

all either vague

or forgotten memories now


Chapter Four


My mind both clear and crazed

Believing myself to be unseen, unheard

hidden in a dark space

You came to guide me into the light

Playing hide and seek on the Way

So many times

You protected me from myself

For many years You were

the only One I could count on

as a True Friend, I could tell You anything,

be anything,

And You stayed beside me when others turned


Chapter Five


I'm on the verge of leaving for India

a first pilgrimage to  Baba's Samahdi

and having dreams of being there

In one He rubs his side vigorously

while beckoning

and I stand bewildered

wondering what He means

In the other dream I am in His Tomb

when fluffy white feathers

float from the ceiling

falling over my head and shoulders

and  onto the floor around my feet

There have been others

I will tell about another time

because only time will tell

what these dreams mean


Chapter Six


It's been 55 years since You touched my heart

In the hours after the storm had passed

While another brewed in my grandfather's mind;

Ah! I understand now why it had to be

It was neither the time nor place

To relieve me of  the dream.

I had many years

more to dwell in the world

and have yet countless lives

to be born and to die

Before I may hope to

take Your robe

and hold on tight


Chapter Seven


This being the final chapter

The only one worth recording

I have been to Meherabad

Bowed down and touched His feet

I have been to God's Samadhi

and been blessed a thousand times

in ways I may never know

And when I knelt

And when I surrendered

My whole life merged

into a moment.....

in the present I AM ...

the past, a fleeting dream

the future, meaningless

Baba being


I have been to Meherabad

after many years of drifting

I reside there now

I have no other home

But where my heart is


His Presence felt.

Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!





there are impressions

left on everything

there is nowhere new

to walk








The I am

briefly leaves

footprints pressed

into the dust

signing the way

for others to follow

immediately or later

The I am

in a constant state

of following

and leading


every where

on this world

has been stamped

countless of times

only one set

of Footprints

ever mattered

not yours

not mine


stop following

stop leading

stand still


merge with Dust


be the Dust


stamped by

the one set of


that matter








clamorous traffic

click-clacketty trains

temples shrines

villages shops

terraced hills

twisting tracks

forests farms





cats dogs

goats cattle

lizards snakes

beetles frogs

birds squirrels

rabbit deer

butterflies dragonflies

scorpions crabs

ants mites






eyes gleaming

smiles beaming

flower bearing

singing arti

silently praying

Jai Baba!

in greeting

invoking His Victory

Jai Baba!

in passing

invoking His Name




He silently


tirelessly worked

played games

wrote books

gave Darshan



His Infinite Love

sheltered slaves

washed lepers

fed the poor

cared for the sick

taught children

loved the lovers



Heart of the Universe

Seat of Knowledge

Truth and Bliss

His sacred site

His chosen land



God's Home