The next meeting in Melbourne will have Pratap and Swaroop Ahir from Pune, India telling us stories of their time with Meher Baba in the early days. They will also perform a musical contribution. This is their first port of call making their way eventually to the Avatar's Abode Sahavas.

Our guests fly into Melbourne - Wednesday 23rd September

and depart on the following Monday 28th for Sydney.

Call Tony for further information - 0412 099 890

Pratap Ahir - Courtesy of Meher Baba Australia newsletter - Sept-Nov 2015 issue
Pratap Ahir - Courtesy of Meher Baba Australia newsletter - Sept-Nov 2015 issue
Pratap Ahir - Courtesy of Meher Baba Australia newsletter - Sept-Nov 2015 issue
Pratap Ahir - Courtesy of Meher Baba Australia newsletter - Sept-Nov 2015 issue

23rd April, 2014

It is with great saddness Maria Parry, wife of John Parry, passed away today in Queensland.


Jai Meher Baba


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In the new, revised and updated edition you'll find:

- 85 additional sidenotes
- 4 additional pages of films Baba saw
- Many additional paragraphs of new material
- Hundreds of small corrections
- 40 additional never-before-printed photos, some in color

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Published: December 2013
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Inside the Fall 2013 Issue





Dear Glow International Reader,  


Thank you for your support and your subscriptions. Without Beloved Meher Baba's grace and your tangible support, we could not have done it.


Glow International is a not-for-profit publication underwritten by readers like you.


Glow International is still the most widely read spiritual journal devoted to Meher Baba. The journal's design, artwork and layout has been praised by professionals. The content of the magazine has transformed the lives of many. Gratifying? Yes. But it's your support that provides the most gratifying affirmation of all.


To this day, Glow International remains the only magazine that was launched in 1966 under Meher Baba's direct guidance and has maintained its high standard worthy of the Beloved. Without your active participation we could not uphold the caliber of excellence that you have come to expect from us.


We ask for your continuing support, renewals and gift subscriptions.


Remember, this is your magazine.  

Please subscribe to Glow International and give it as a gift to all your friends and family.

Annual subscription is $30 for 4 issues and $50 for 8 issues.  















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Mon – Sat: 10 – 4
Sunday: 11 – 3

Subject: 4th Annual Programme on
Discovering the Avataric Legacy
Date:  Saturday, 10th August 2013

Bhau requested that the following be sent out to all the dear ones.


Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

Avatar Meher Baba P.P.C. Trust
4th Annual Programme on
Discovering the Avataric Legacy
Organised by the Library Committee
Meherabad, Ahmedngar, India
13th & 14th December 2013

The current pilgrim season of 2013-14 is coinciding with two great historical events of Beloved Baba's life.

In May 1913 Baba's first meeting with Hazrat Babajan occurred, and in January 1914 Hazrat Babajan implanted that unique kiss on Baba's forehead, which unveiled His Godhood and Baba realized His own Divinity. 

Let us, therefore, celebrate the centenary year of the unveiling of Beloved Baba's Godhood by dedicating this year's legacy programme to these historical events.

These historical events are the theme of the 4th Annual Programme on Discovering the Avataric Legacy.

PowerPoint presentations, short lectures and film documentaries based on Baba's meeting with Hazrat Babajan are invited for this programme.

Participation through videoconferencing is also welcome.  This facility will be available upon request.

The total time available for each presentation will be ten to twenty minutes.

Presentations can be made on the following topics:

1. Baba's meetings with Hazrat Babajan.
2. The process of God-Realization as per Baba's own revelations made in GOD SPEAKS.
3. The four journeys described by Beloved Baba in relation to the process of God-realization.
4. Short biographies of any of the five Perfect Masters highlighting their role of unveiling Baba's Divinity.
5. The Man-God and the God-Man.
6. Why did Baba delay declaring His Avataric identity, and why did He allow Himself to be addressed as a Sadguru during this time?
7. The importance of different places in Baba's early Avataric mission around the time of His unveiling (e.g., Shirdi, Sakori, Poona, etc.)
8. Research presentation on the relationship between other Avatars and their Perfect Masters, discovering the similarities between the role of Baba's Perfect Masters and the role of the masters of other Avatars.
9. The difference between unveiling and God-Realization. Some people say that Hazrat Babajan unveiled Baba's Divinity. Some scholars say she gave Baba God-Realization. What is the difference and what should be the correct approach to the process of understanding this event?
10. Any other topic related to these events.

Short poetry, songs, or music specially created to highlight these events are also welcome.  These items, if submitted, will be presented during the opening and closing sessions of the programme.

Baba lovers interested in giving such presentations should contact Gokaran Shrivastava by email or phone before 31st August 2013.

Short summaries of the presentations should be submitted by 30th October 2013.

All Baba lovers are welcome to attend the programme.

Jai Meher Baba!

Library Committee
241-2548473 (Gokaran Shrivastava)
Meherabad, 8th August 2013

On the Saturday  1st of June, ex-Melbournite and acclaimed singer-muscian , Raine Eastman-Gannett gave a performance of her wonderful music at 55 Brunswick Street Fitzroy.
On the following afternoon - Sunday  2nd June, she gave another performance at Jasmine Fricker's home at 26 Afton Street Essendon West ( Aberfeldie ).

Tony Zois
0412 099 890
Jasmine Ilas Fricker
0438 300 193

Bill Gannett has a new book of English Language Ghazals in respect of Francis Brabazon's ghazals.
It is sells on Amazon.

 "Ghazals For the Friend" by Bill Gannett

This is Debbie Nordeen's group in Asheville
thought you'd enjoy
Love you

Meher Baba Archives Masthead

Beloved Archives Establishes the House of the Beloved in America


January 31, the Eternal Day in the annals of Avatar Meher Baba's ministry, is also the day when Beloved Archives acquired and opened the doors to the House of the Beloved in Hamilton, New Jersey, to seekers everywhere.


On January 28, Beloved Archives signed the documents to this outpost in the West, dedicated to the life, work and teachings of Meher Baba. Two days later, we stepped into the House and placed a photograph of Beloved Baba, recited the Master's Prayer and bowed down in gratitude for giving us the opportunity to love him and serve him.


It was also a moment of gratitude and humility to the hundreds of seekers who contributed from the heart towards the purchase of the House of the Beloved. We thank them and bow down to them in their love for the Beloved.


House of the Beloved

The House of the Beloved, acquired by Beloved Archives on January 31, 2011, is located at Hamilton, New Jersey. It is an hour away from New York City.


On this occasion, celebrating the Victory of the Beloved, we remember the words of Meher Baba to his devoted English disciple, Delia DeLeon, written from Bangalore, India, on February 10, 1940:


Let your thoughts be always of Me - your work spring always from love, and your action be expressive of one who seeks in all she does to please Him who is ever present in the heart of His Beloved Leyla [Meher Baba's name for Delia]. This thought will give you eternal happiness and bliss in the midst of the sad times through which the world is now passing and must face up to. The suffering of all will be terrible, but remember that underneath are the "Everlasting Arms" to keep you happy in your faith and love to the very end. I will never fail you and will never leave you.


While "I will never fail you and will never leave you" was a promise the Beloved One made to Delia, it is also a promise made to those who love, obey and surrender themselves to the cause of Truth, Love and Spiritual Unity.




Meher Baba in Chair
Meher Baba with Keki Nalavala at 36 Lytton Road, Dehra Dun, in 1953. The Chair in which Meher Baba sat will be shipped to the House of the Beloved.

We are now ready to house Meher Baba'sarchives in Hamilton, Central New Jersey, an hour away from New York City. While thanking all you dear ones who have helped us with this precious acquisition of the House of the Beloved, we would like to underscore what Meher Baba said often that one of his goals was "to spiritualize America."  He told the Indian political leader Mohandas Gandhi in 1931, "In America, the spiritual hunger is intense . . . There is everything there materially. There is wealth; there are brains; there is heart. In other words, there is sufficient preparedness for spiritual growth and development."


A few months later, he told a gathering in New York, "America . . . forms the best foundation for the spiritual upheaval I will bring about in the near future." [Lord Meher, Vol. 4, Vol. 5, Vol. 11]


Indeed, it is this "foundation" that we are laying down with the grace of the Beloved and the help of Beloved Baba's lovers everywhere. We ask for your continued support to help us preserve the artifacts, documents, photographs, films and all material associated with Meher Baba's life. At the same time we seek your help in spreading Meher Baba's Message to a world that is spiritually confused and a generation that is ready to be awakened.





On November 30, 1958, Meher Baba questioned Adi K. Irani, his secretary: "Do you keep all the office records in steel trunks or almirahs (cupboards)? As a precaution against insects and fire, you must do this. The importance and significance of these records is such that you can hardly imagine today."


Keeping Meher Baba's advise uppermost in our daily work, for several years we have scanned several thousand documents and photographs, converted cassettes to CDs and are in the process of converting them to MP3s. We now begin the work of rehousing, cataloguing and additional scanning and caring for Beloved Baba's material. While this will take time, we will open the doors of the House of the Beloved as soon as we are ready to share. That is our mission. To save, to preserve and to share.


For those who wish to continue sharing in the work for the Beloved, we suggest 2 ways that you can participate:

  • Pledge a minimum of $100 or more every 6 months towards maintenance of the House of the Beloved and continued archival work and publishing projects.
  • Volunteer to spend time at the House of the Beloved from time to time, for short periods and assist us with rehousing documents.





The Chair

Meher Baba's Chair preserved by the Nalavala family.

When Meher Baba visited 36 Lytton Road in Dehra Dun, India, the home of the Nalavalas, in 1950 and again in 1953, he sat on this chair [photographed here]. He was also photographed seated on this chair with Keki Nalavala standing besides him. This chair is now being prepared to be shipped to the House of the Beloved for pilgrims to touch, feel and to bow down to the Seat of the Master.


Soon after we announced the House of the Beloved, Meher Baba's dear ones have shared their treasures with Beloved Archives for preservation and display. More recently, these have included a sadra and sandals worn by Beloved Baba and a number of artifacts associated with his physical form. If you have any and all material related to Meher Baba that you wish to preserve and share, please write to us. We will arrange to get it collected from your home, restore it, preserve it and display it with your name as the donor. Meher Baba's artifacts, letters, tape recordings, films of the mandali and any other precious objects you wish to share with posterity, are welcomed.




Beloved Archives is a 501(c)3 non-profit, tax-exempt Meher Baba Archival Foundation registered in the United States. The mission of Beloved Archives is to carefully restore and preserve all material associated with the life, work and teachings of Avatar Meher Baba and, more importantly, to make all this material accessible to seekers worldwide.


Please write to the Executive Director, Naosherwan Anzar, Beloved Archives, 7 Whitney Place, Princeton Junction, NJ 08550 for additional information about the House of the Beloved. Email: Telephone: 609.529.6129.


The Meher Baba Archival Foundation | 7 Whitney Place | Princeton Junction | NJ | 08550

Understanding Beloved Archives
  Matthew Talbot interviews Naosherwan Anzar 

June 2013 


1.  Why did you decide to create GLOW Journal?


The concept of a Meher Baba journal came about in 1965 when the Dehra Dun Centre asked me to create a magazine commemorating Meher Baba's 1953 stay in Dehra Dun. It was published under the title of THE SPARK.


Encouraged by the success of the publication, under instructions from Meher Baba Himself, it was decided to launch a quarterly magazine, titled THE GLOW (a name selected by Meher Baba from a choice of 3 names). In the later years, the title was changed to GLOW INTERNATIONAL. This is the 47th year of publication.


2.  How do you select the stories to go into GLOW Magazine?


Meher Baba instructed Eruch Jessawala, Adi K. Irani and Mani S. Irani to assist THE GLOW with discourses, Baba stories and photographs. When I was staying at Meherazad in 1969, Eruch  opened up the Meherazad archives for me to record material. I did. And so did Adi K. Irani. He not only gave me all his diaries to transcribe, but also Chanji's diaries and letters. I had them copied over a 3-year period and returned them to the Trust. Over a period of time, hundreds of Baba lovers sent in articles, features and their stories of meeting the Beloved. And they continue to do so.


3.  How has GLOW Magazine changed from its inception decades ago to today?


In the early years, we focused on Baba stories, Baba events and narrations of Darshan programs. Today, we largely focus on Meher Baba's words and Discourses, many of them never before published.


4.  If people want to provide content for GLOW Magazine, how would they go about doing that?


They would write to us, suggesting a theme or subject. If it was a subject with a universal appeal, we would encourage the writer to send it to us as a GLOW exclusive. Each article goes through a very careful editing process.


5.  Can you take us through the standard process for editing and organizing an issue of GLOW Magazine? 


There are two ways for us to obtain features for THE GLOW: we come up with a subject and request a writer to work on a feature, with an emphasis on Baba's words, and, we receive articles that are edited and sometimes sent back to the author for revisions, additions, deletions. For photographs, we rely heavily on a vast storehouse of photographs and slides (several thousand) in Beloved Archives. Once the articles are edited, we position those that are based on Baba's words towards the front of the journal and those that are related to events or reports of centre activities, book and music reviews towards the back of the journal. The contents are sent to a long-time professional designer in Wisconsin and the journal is then printed at Sheriar Press in Myrtle Beach.


6.  Why did you originally create the Beloved Archives?


The primary purpose of Beloved Archives is to carefully restore and preserve all material associated with the life, work and teachings of Avatar Meher Baba and, more importantly, to make all this material accessible to seekers worldwide.


Beloved Archives: The Meher Baba Archival Foundation is a 501 ( c ) 3 non-profit, tax-exempt foundation registered in the United States. Although many of the items in the collection were originally given to my family by Meher Baba and His close disciples, these items are now housed in Beloved Archives in Hamilton, New Jersey.More than anything else, we are anxious to preserve and share the material that Meher Baba has entrusted to us. While it is vital to carefully preserve material on the life and work of the Avatar,we feel it is equally important to share the material with seekers and lovers of God. And that is the mandate of Beloved Archives.I am often asked, did Meher Baba Himself say anything to you about sharing?Yes, in May 1965 when I met Meher Baba at Guruprasad in Poona, He gave me the mandate to tell the world that He is God in human form. In the later years He gave me specific instructions about disseminating His message through GLOW INTERNATIONAL. This mandate He sealed by presenting me a medallion with the Mastery in Servitude symbol. I understood Meher Baba's intent to have me share His Message of love, truth and unity amongst peoples of all faiths. Beloved Archives is a non-denominational archive for seekers everywhere.


7. How did Beloved Archives start?


Beloved Archives essentially was set into motion when my parents, Keki and Freiny Nalavala, first met Meher Baba in the 1940's. Both my father and mother had an innate sense of preserving every piece of paper, every object that Meher Baba touched, every piece of correspondence, and all books, discourses and photographs. Consequently, Beloved Archives is a collection of saved and preserved material on the life and work of Meher Baba spanning over 60 years. 


8.  What do you have at Beloved Archives?


Apart from the collection of the Nalavala family, which itself is fairly extensive, Beloved Archives has materials from several collections: Chanji, Gulmai Irani, Adi K. Irani, Adi S. Irani, Mani S. Irani, Eruch Jessawala, Francis Brabazon, Kishan Singh, Col. M. S. Irani, Murshida Ivy Duce, Kitty Davy, Elizabeth Patterson, Bili Eaton, Adele Wolkin, Enid Corfe, Delia de Leon, Ganna Walska, Mercedes de Costa, Meredith Starr (we have his photo album), Graham Phelps Stokes(we have his archival collection), Rom Landau (we have his archival collection), to name a few. Beloved Archives also has a large collection of artifacts, including the corrected copy of Meher Baba's Master's Prayer and a lock of Babajan's hair.


The collection has one-of-a-kind material, specially the material inherited from Col. M. S. Irani, a critic of Meher Baba,who collected an enormous amount of material in its original format in order to launch scurrilous attacks on Meher Baba. These materials ended up in the hands of my mother's maternal uncle, Major Sohrab Bamji, also a critic of Meher Baba, who eventually handed it all to us. It is an incredible record of Meher Baba's life, ironically collected and preserved by the Avatar's critics.


Over the years letters, diaries and print materials were given to Beloved Archives with the understanding that we would share this material with seekers everywhere. Over a 47-year period, Beloved Archives has sincerely and diligently disseminated this material through the Meher Baba journal, GLOW INTERNATIONAL, and several books published over the years. For example, the book THE ANSWER: Conversations with Meher Baba, published by Beloved Archives, is a collection of questions and answers preserved in the diaries of Chanji, Meher Baba's secretary in the 1930's and early 1940's. While Beloved Archives has been the publisher of Meher Baba's words, the copyright of the Avatar's words has always rested with the Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust in India as decreed in Meher Baba's Will.


Beloved Archives is divided into five parts: print material, photographs, tapes, films and artifacts. The documents have been preserved year-wise and all the documents have been digitized.


As for photographs, we preserve a rare collection, including archival photographs of places associated with Meher Baba going back to 1894, the year of the Avatar's birth. These photographs were taken by Raja Deen Dayal, India's first Indian photographer. Beloved Archives also has a collection of photographs of Meher Baba that had deteriorated completely (you could not see the Master in the photographs). They have since been restored at considerable cost one-photograph-at-a-time to their original "look" by a Romanian restorer in New York.


The artifacts in the Beloved Archives collection are primarily from Meher Baba's mandali and closest disciples: Mehera, Mani, Naja, Khorshed, Arnavaz Dadachanji, Gaimai Jessawala and Padri. Again, some of the artifacts were given personally by Meher Baba himself to the Nalavala family.


All artifacts are on display at Beloved Archives in New Jersey, including two chairs that Meher Baba sat on. The tape collection is of the mandali, people who have met Meher Baba, and the recordings of Murshida Ivy Duce. The film collection includes all the films that have been distributed by various sources around the world and a few from private collections. We now have hundreds of tapes transferred as MP3s and over 200 films. Seekers come to the House of the Beloved to hear the mandali share their stories and watch Baba films.


The Beloved Archives collection continues to grow each day. In 2009, Beloved Archives obtained the Meher Baba segment of the archive of the opera singer Ganna Walska, who met Meher Baba in 1932. Earlier the Archives obtained the collection of Mercedes de Costa, a Hollywood celebrity who met Meher Baba in the same year. Recently, the Foundation was very fortunate to receive the entire collection of original slides taken both at the East-West Gathering and at Myrtle Beach in 1958 by an American Baba lover. The slides have since being cleaned and restored by experts at Sufism Reoriented. In 2009, we obtained the entire collection of Graham Phelps Stokes and Rom Landau; all the material collected has been scanned and is available for seekers to review at Beloved Archives. 


9.  What is your long term plan for Beloved Archives?


With limited funds, Beloved Archives has taken the necessary first step in preservation by scanning all documents and photographs. This is an enormous job and is ongoing. At the same time, all our tapes are being digitized and some are being transcribed (with the possibility of publication in the future). Many of the one-of-a-kind photographs have been completely restored.


As funds become available through tax-deductible donations, Beloved Archives will continue with this massive restoration and preservation project.


Beloved Archives has had some preliminary advice on storage, treatment and preservation. All of Meher Baba's artifacts like sadras, sandals, coats and other garments have been expertly preserved by a trained Baba lover, who has learned preservation techniques from the experts at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. As for Meher Baba's hair and other personal artifacts, mainly from the 1920's, Murshida Ivy Duce had them preserved in blown glass in 1978. They are preserved at Beloved Archives.


When I was a teenager I had a dream: I wished that we could record each day of Meher Baba's life. Soon after Beloved Baba dropped his body, my dream became a reality; I had access to the diaries of disciples who recorded their lives with Meher Baba (if they were in his presence). Consequently, Beloved Archives has a near daily record of Meher Baba's life from 1921through 1969.


The initial plan for Beloved Archives has been fulfilled in 2011with the purchase of the House of the Beloved in Hamilton, New Jersey. We have now been able to put all material in one place, in a physical building where volunteers can conduct inventory, catalogue, create records on databases, duplicate certain materials for wider dissemination, conduct long-term conservation and treatment and eventually create an environmentally sound atmosphere for people to come in and do research on the life and times of Meher Baba. It is a unique place to study the Advent of Avatar Meher Baba.Our long term plan is to continue to extensively feature material from Beloved Archives in GLOW INTERNATIONAL. In addition, four books of archive-oriented unpublished material are now in various stages of production. 


We are also in the process of bringing into the fold a new generation of Baba lovers who will know and understand the purpose of preservation and, most importantly, learn to share and spread the Message of Avatar Meher Baba. Beloved Archives is the perfect vehicle to do so.


10.  What can people expect if they take one of the Three Day Intensives?


Last year, we held the first of a series of Intensives, SECRETS OF THE SPIRITUAL PATH by Dr. Ward Parks. The intensive focused on the "Three Perennial Paths to God" as recognized in most of the world's great spiritual traditions and explained in considerable detail by Avatar Meher Baba Himself. These three pathways, described in the Hindu tradition, are the Path of Action, or Karma Marg; the Path of Knowledge, or Jnan Marg; and the Path of Devotion, or Bhakti Marg.


Meher Baba lays out a penetrating blueprint of these paths or "margs" in His Discourses. In Hindu tradition one finds developed treatment in the Bhagavad Gita. Yet the topic of the three paths is indeed applicable to all of the world's great religions and spiritual traditions; it offers one important avenue for bringing them into interrelation and dialogue, as Meher Baba, Avatar of the Age, draws them together as "beads on a string."


In April this year, Dr. Parks conducted a Three Day Intensive, UNDERSTANDING INFINITE INTELLIGENCE. Meher Baba's Infinite Intelligence delves into the depths of esoteric truths never before revealed to humankind. The book's theme is an ageless one: God as Infinite Intelligence.


The Intensive focused on major cosmological ideas as they appear for the first time in Infinite Intelligence. Key concepts discussed at the Intensive included: the journey of the soul; the three spheres (gross, subtle, and fine) in their relation to the three waking states (of ordinary wakefulness, dream, and sound sleep); the role of Ishwar as Creator-Preserver-Destroyer; and the process of sanskara-removal through the four yogas (karma, dnyan, raj, and bhakti).


We are now planning a series of 7-hour Intensives on the LESSONS FROM THE NEW LIFE.


11.  How has the local community reacted to the opening of the Beloved Archives?


The Meher Baba community throughout the United States and in India, England and Australia have welcomed Beloved Archives as a repository of material on the life, work and teachings of Avatar Meher Baba. An hour away from New York City, Beloved Archives opens up a whole new spiritual world that one can call its own.


12.  How can people help support GLOW Magazine or Beloved Archives?


GLOW INTERNATIONAL is a unique publication, in essence founded by the Avatar Himself. We would like all those who love Meher Baba to subscribe to it and support it. Beloved Archives needs considerable assistance with funding. We are a non-profit tax-exempt foundation and all donations go towards preservation of material related to Meher Baba's life, work and teachings. Initially, before the purchase of the House of the Beloved, we received funds towards the purchase. Since then donations have slowed down. In order for us to sustain ourselves over a period of time, we would need to set up an endowment and the means to make Beloved Archives self-sustaining.


For Beloved Archives to be sustained for years to come, it is important for it to be financially viable. Towards that end, friends of the Foundation will need to continue to make contributions to keep it alive and well. We are now in the process of setting up a Team of Companions, a global advisory group to assist with the various aspects of the Archives.


All are welcome to contact us at Donors are welcome to contact us for advice on sustaining Beloved Archives


With kind permission of Meher Baba Center of Northern California. 

Subject: New Movie Production of Avatar Meher Baba G2

Dear Meher Baba Lovers and Friends,

Presently there is in the Meher Baba Archives, movie film footage that is uncirculated. It may be the last remaining film of Avatar Meher Baba that has not been shown or distributed. This footage will require much restoration and special optical work to make it suitable for viewing. Furthermore those of you who have seen the movie "MEHER BABA" Avatar of the Age with the subtitle: The Human Side of God know what kind of work I do to make a movie. This film will also be in that class. This movie when completed will reveal the special role and love that Mehera and Meher Baba had for each other and his great love for all those who loved him and received his guidance during his advent as the Avatar of the Age.

If you are amongst those who would like to see this movie upon its completion then I have a special offer for you which will also help me to make this movie.

Those who donate $ 100 will be amongst the first to receive a DVD of the new movie upon its completion. In addition I will send you a copy of Book 1 of my poems which will include the odelet: The Journey to the Beyond and Back. Those of you who have not seen my poems will wonder what is this? Especially since many people don't care for poetry. However, most overwhelmingly liked what I write and even enjoyed poetry for the first time. 

Therefore, I am including at the end of this letter to you 3 of my poems. One poem from each of the trilogy of 3 books I wrote last year. I also hope you send me your comments about the poems whether you donate to the new film or not.

Those who donate $ 200 will receive the new movie when completed and the Trilogy of all 3 books of my poems. 

Those who would like to get the DVD of the movie that was previously made titled "MEHER BABA" Avatar of the Age 
can send $55 (which includes shipping). 1hr 20min

All checks should be made payable to; Meher Baba Archives
Mail to: Meher Baba Archives - 1130 Waterway Lane - Myrtle Beach, SC 29572 Phone: 843-267-8524  

Please also state what you would like to get. Include your name, address, phone number and Email address.

You can pay by credit card if you prefer. Let us know what you would like and we can send you a Pay Pal money request. If you have any questions just Email me.

In His loving service,

Irwin Luck, Director
Meher Baba Archives, Inc.
a not for profit tax exempt corporation
Phone: 843-267-8524

Poem from Book One in celebration of Meher Baba's Birthday coming up on February 25.

February 25, 2010

Meher Baba is throwing a birthday party.
Come one, come all. Everyone is invited.
What a celebration. How grand it is.
Your party includes the whole world.

Once every year, the earth completes its orbit around the sun.
In that time, everyone on the planet has a birthday to celebrate.

Now the maker of suns and planets
has invited us to join his celebration.
What good fortune has come to us.
To celebrate with the maker of life, His birthday on earth.
When you were born, a new age began.
A new birth of love and truth, divine light and music, tv and  cars.
Your party includes all of mankind and angels unseen.
Everyone is invited, to come and enjoy,
Devils and Saints, high and low, however rich or poor.
There are no pretenses here.
No one is left out, of your come as you are party.

Whoever comes, will not leave empty handed,
You have just the right gift for each one. 
Neither will anyone leave, the same as they came.
Your all-powerful love,
transforms the mind and heart of those who enter.
This grand birthday, gives birth to an amazing new life,
for all those who accept your invitation.
What an extraordinary present.

I would not miss this birthday celebration of the Ancient One.
The truth is, your birthday party never stops.
It has been going on for ages.
In every advent, your Birthday celebration
gets bigger and better than ever.

You play your music and we dance to your tune.
No one can rock the world like you.
What a ball we are in for.

Happy, Happy Birthday Baba.
I was born to come to your party.

Lots of Love,
Irwin Luck

Written: February 17, 2010
Myrtle Beach, SC

Poem from Book 2


Today there was a lot of love
in the world. 
You may not have seen it
because of the clouds.

Earthquakes that kill hundreds or thousands.
Tsunamis, hurricanes, tornado's, maybe a meteor hit 
that can wipe out so much life on the planet.
Natures disasters that we call an act of God.

Then there are the acts of some men.
Murderers, muggers, hate mongers, 
civil and national strife of all kinds. 
Political, religious, family conflicts and wars.
Lots of pain in a most amazing variety of ways.

Yet, there is a sun
But there is also clouds
that hide the brightness 
and life giving energy of the sun.

If I were God 
and I saw all this
I would want to do something 
to make things better 
for both the ignorant and the wise.

But you are the one.
The sun of all life and love.
The Master of all things. 
You took upon yourself the mission
to raise the consciousness of the world.
so we may see the truth for ourselves.

When you come 
you punch a big hole in the clouds 
however many and dark they may be.
Your sunshine which is always there 
can now be seen in the midst of any misery

Those who follow your beam
join your light
beyond the clouds.

Oh Lord. 
Savior of the blind
The day is beautiful beyond measure 
where you come from.
To see your cloud piercing ray is to follow you 
beyond the clouds that hide you. 

Then Lo. 
Heavens gates are open 
while the battle rages below.

Irwin Luck
May 6. 2010

Poem from Book 3


What can one heart tell another
except I love you.
What can one mind tell another?
A million things.
But only my heart can say I love you.

This was a special day.
The Lord had decided to take a walk.
He did not walk like people do.
He could walk anywhere instantly
because everywhere 
was in His Universal Mind.

Today he wanted to walk through 
the galaxy where I live.
He always did like the planet earth.

He decided to visit an old God lover of his.
So he donned his human form
which he would wear when he visited her.
When he came to her house 
he would go straight to the refrigerator 
and help himself to whatever was there.
He would like to rest on a mat on the floor.
He felt completely at home in her house.

But today He was in a specially good mood
so he asked this matronly old lady  
while she was washing the dishes
a question that a thousand yogis would die to hear.

Along with anyone else 
of the billions of her brothers and sisters
that live with her on this planet.

And so He said to her
Anything you ask I will grant.

So what did she ask?
Not for health, wealth, youth, beauty, queenship,
power, fame or any other of the many unfulfilled desires 
of the heart.

Show me how you run your universe.

Some question. Where did that come from?
We heard it from her.
We were there. 
Filming stories of the Avatars lovers.

So she spoke.
Each night He would take me away.
He showed me the timeline  
past, present and future.
We would move in any time zone. Any place.
He showed me the many evolutionary life streams
in His vast cosmos.
The guardians, Deva's and charge men.
Their duties, powers and work they do for Him.  
How matter, energy and mind work together.
The Alpha and Omega of everything.
The experiences of the planes of consciousness. 
The Bliss and the forces that drive everything.
The great hierarchy of every kind of being under Him.

Every night he showed me his universe. 
Then after two years
He put his human coat on 
and visited my house again.

I said. 
You have shown me everything
of how you run your universe.
But one thing you did not show me.

You did not show me yourself.

No more did he take me away.
No more did he show me anything.

Why did he stop?

Was it because now 
I had asked for the Real thing?

You loved me first
before I loved you.

In this huge galaxy 
you walked my way.

You made me love you.
You found a way to replace
all my hearts desires.

I have entered the house 
of Love where you keep 
all your treasures.

All because one day 
you walked my way.

Irwin Luck 
December 11, 2010





In the Eighty-First Family Letter to his Western lovers and followers dated March 14, 1969, Mani S. Irani wrote:


“Although we started out from Meherazad on that Friday evening with hearts numbed and empty, our hands had been kept occupied in doing the things that the Beloved would want us to do. In the midst of many practical details that Eruch was seeing to, he reminded me to take along our gramophone and the record of ‘Begin the Beguine’ . Eruch said that Baba had told him, many times over the years, to play this song by His side when He dropped His body.  And so on that night of January 31st , and the next day, seven times I played the song of Begin the Beguine by His side – at first in the Cabin where His body rested for a while and later in the Tomb. And while the song played, it seemed to convey to us His message that this was not an end but a beginning – the beginning of His completed work bearing fruit. A day before dropping the body, even while the movement of His fingers brought on a renewed spasm, Baba told us, “All this, all that I have been through all along, has been a preparation for the Word – for just the One Word!” And with a quizzical smile He added “Just imagine!”




In His Love

Jenny and Ross


Jennifer Keating

Mob: 0408 118 366

AHMEDNAGAR, (M.S.) 414 001

December 28, 2010

Dear ones,

Our Beloved Archives will be closing on the archival centre property in New Jersey in January. While all the funds received have been put in to buy the property, the Archives needs additional funds to proceed further with ongoing expenses and archival work.  It is a good educational institution and it has so many things which are not available anywhere.It is very useful for the future of Baba work. The Archives will be available to seekers and people in the future to know different things about Beloved Baba and your donation will help to continue this work.
Bhau Kalchuri (right) interviewed by Naosherwan Anzar in New Jersey for an upcoming Beloved Archives film on the Teachings of Meher Baba.
Photo by Philip Ludwig

I bow down to you all and request you to please help,because help is required. Thank you dear ones for your help, which has so much value that cannot be measured.

Jai Ho! Jai Ho!! Jai Ho yours!!!

In His Love and Service,  
Bhau Signature
 Bhau Kalchuri

Please send your year-end tax-deductible donations to Beloved Archives, 7 Whitney Place, Princeton Junction, NJ 08550, USA, by check or by PayPal. And please email us at:, to let us know that you have sent us a donation. We are a 501 ( c ) 3 organization and all donations are tax-exempt to the extent of the law

Jai Baba dear friends,
I have received requests from so many of you expressing concern over not having received your 2010 Love Street LampPosts, that I'm sending a joint email to all of you at this time.
Please pardon my delay in replying to each of you. I have been in Australia and have only just returned.  On the first of November my son, who lives in Brisbane, called to tell me his wife had a melanoma cancerous tumor in her brain & was having surgery on the 8th. The surgeon told us the results could have been disastrous – lifelong complete paralysis, loss of speech, or that he wouldn't be able to remove it all so it would regrow, necessitating future surgery – or death. I flew out immediately to support them and their seven year old daughter. With all thanks to Baba, Helen came through with flying colors! Truly a miracle!
With regard to the LampPost, there are two reasons none of you have received the 1st and 2nd quarter 2010  issue.

It all began early in the year when three very interesting articles were submitted by three of our readers who had just seen the movie “Avatar”. So I made that the lead story in this issue, making it about the film “Avatar” and the relationship to our Avatar. I called James Cameron’s office (the director & producer of the film) to ask permission to use a photo of the Na'vi (a character from the movie.) They referred me to Fox Studios, the copyright holder. I requested permission from Fox to use a photo from the film in our magazine, and if permission were granted, to please send me some photos. A few hours later Fox Studios sent me dozens of photos to choose from. I had the green light to use these photos from the movie in the LampPost.

There was only one problem, which Fox Studios failed to tell me at that time: these photos could only be used freely during the promotional phase of the film’s release, which expired in May of 2010- unbeknownst to me. If only the president of the LA Center’s board, Vesta Clinton, had not held up the mailing of the LSLP magazines, you all would have received this great issue before that date! However, since this promotional period has now expired, I cannot use Fox Studio's photo without paying them a large sum of money - ($3000-$5000!)  Not possible – of course!

In order to resolve this dilemma and be able to mail the issue to you, several months ago I extended an offer to the LA board of directors for me to create an alternate cover for the magazine. For all these months the board has ignored my offer for a simple fix and thus, your edition of the LampPost still remains boxed up in storage and mired in the conflicting politics within the LA board of directors.

So why did the Board hold the magazine up?

Earlier this year I discovered some of your LampPost donations were never reaching us, but were instead being entirely retained by the LA Baba center to pay for their own separate operational bills. The LSLP was being completely by passed. I do believe, however, this was inadvertent on their part since your checks were written out to AMBCSC and did not specify LSLP, but this was a problem that definitely needed correcting.
The cause of this misuse of LSLP funds by the LA Baba center was due to the line printed in each issue of the magazine: "‘Published & copyrighted by the Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California.’' Many readers of the LampPost naturally assumed that since it was published by the AMBCSC, their donations to the LSLP could be sent to the LA center. Sounds reasonable, but was of no use to the LampPost. Luckily, that was easy to fix.
The simple remedy was to remove the ‘Published & copyrighted’ text from the magazine, so donors would no longer be confused by it.
This remedy could create a win for everyone because removal of copyright text does not in any way affect the copyright ownership by the LA Baba center, and also the readers of the LSLP would stop sending their magazine donations to the LA center by mistake.

However, when I removed this line from the table of contents page, the president of the LA board of directors began sending out a series of inflammatory emails telling people that I “had yanked the magazine away from the LA center.” Never mind actual facts of law, such as it's not legally possible for anyone to take the magazine away from the LA center; nor is it possible for the LA center's copyright ownership to be affected by removal of the words: "Published & copyrighted by the Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California.’'
Little did I suspect at that time that my world was soon going to be turned upside down in a most disheartening way. The president proceeded to send out a series of emails to many people around the world, stating that I was going to cause the loss of the LA Baba center, that I had misappropriated magazine funds, and the center could lose it's non profit status with the IRS, etc., etc., ad infinitum. The exact terms the president used to describe me were that I was guilty of: "inurement" (use of a corporation’s non profit funds for personal benefit), "embezzlement," "grand theft" and "fraud." The president stated these things without a shred of evidence.
And sadly, some directors and center members actually believed these wild accusations even though the president could not supply an iota of proof for her charges.  Apparently, there is some validity to that old quote, "The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it." I can tell you that I am absolutely innocent of all the charges levied against me by the president and the board. However, months of these accusations caused me not only great distress and much sadness, but also much stress and pressure - to the point where my husband, Charles, had to call an ambulance and have me rushed to the Emergency Room. They thought I was having a cerebral haemorrhage from the pressure!

It was very disturbing to me that the president spread her rumors around the world without having a single piece of evidence to support her imaginary charges. And the LA board of directors allowed this to happen – most of them signing on to her official looking emails.

These accusations about me and the LampPost remain unresolved to this day by an ineffectual LA board of directors. And thus, our readers have not received their magazine all year. At one point, over 40 of the members of the LA Baba Center requested that a special meeting be held in order to bring about a resolution of the conflicts regarding  the January issue of the LampPost. The members also strongly wanted to see a cessation of the constant onslaught of emails accusing me of one wrongdoing after another. This Member's Meeting was held in October 2010. Don Stevens looked into this situation and was disturbed to see accusations lacking any proof, and so flew out from London “to hold my hand” throughout the proceedings. What a guy! But alas, even his presence did not stop the flagrant lies by the president.

A few months before this meeting, the president informed me that she had hired an attorney to deal with the matter. She suggested I retain legal counsel as well.  However the president planned on paying for this attorney from the General Fund with donations that had been made to the center. I and my husband, on the other hand, had to sink deeply into debt in order to pay for an attorney.

At the members meeting, sworn statements by our Attorney, and a CPA who specializes in IRS matters, were presented.  These statements definitively cleared me of all the president's made up accusations, but were completely ignored by the president and the board. Even after this clear refutation of all the baseless charges, the president then continued on to make accusatory statements by saying: “Inurement had occurred, by Dina using non profit funds for her own personal benefit.”

This supposed ‘personal benefit’ was simply the payment of legitimate LampPost bills using funds from the LampPost bank account, (which consisted solely of your subscription payments)  just as I've done for the last 15 years. Nonetheless, I was ordered to close the LSLP bank account and turn the remaining monies over to the General Fund of the LA Center, which I did - under duress. This effectively blocked the availability of those funds for the use of any additional LampPost business.

At one point during this whole stressful period, the president told me that if I set were to up a new non profit corp for the magazine, she could legally transfer all the funds taken from the LSLP bank account to our new non profit corp. And so I created a brand new 501 (c) 3 corp, under the name 'Love Street Press.' Still the monies have not been returned to the 'Love Street Press' account. It would appear that after 15 years, I will have to start over again with zero balance in the bank account. Thus, dear readers, we really do need your donations to cover the costs of printing & mailing future issues – in whatever amount is comfortable to you – if I am to continue bringing you the magazine that you know and love. Please send to:  Love Street Press, c/o Dina Gibson, 8906 David Ave
Los Angeles CA 90034-2006.
Because of all these heartaches and ill treatment, I have submitted my resignation as editor of the LSLP to the LA Baba center. However our new future magazine, operated under our new non profit corp name, Love Street Press, will be the same magazine it has always been, except that it will be independent of the LA Baba center - just like Nosherwan's The Glow is independent of any Baba center.

Many of you, who have heard some of what I have been telling you above, have asked why I didn't just go ahead and send the magazines out anyway. I couldn't because the LA Baba center owns the copyright of the LSLP, even tho it has never been legally copyrighted. However, the magazine belongs to them. They won't authorize me to fix the cover so it could be sent out, thus my hands are tied and your printed magazines continue to languish in boxes. My primary concern has been for that 1st quarter 2010 issue to be sent to all you subscribers. I remain ready, willing and able to assist the LA board with changing the cover and mailing the magazine out to you. Hopefully the board of 2011 will decide to cooperate  and I or the center can get the 2010 edition, now more than eight months overdue, in the mail to you before too much longer.

I feel that Baba gave me the job of editing & publishing this magazine 16 years ago, but I started taking this duty more seriously in the 1990's after Mani told me how archivally important this magazine was. My primary concern and obligation is to our readers, having heard from so many of you just how much the Baba light from Love Street means to you. It saddens me greatly that you have all been deprived of your magazine. Believe me, I have begged Baba to open the door in order for this impasse to be resolved.  

I'll keep you posted on our progress.
In His love and service,
Dina Snow Gibson

Sent: Thursday, December 23, 2010 9:20 AM
Subject: [Baba] Mehera to Baba's lovers



From Mehera to Baba’s lovers who came after Baba dropped his body: 


“Baba’s love was perfect for each and all. That is I why he kept silence. All the suffering that he went through was for humanity. Baba’s love is true love. That is why you all come to Baba – because you feel his love. It is not by chance that you come to Baba. It is his wish and will. Baba himself said, “It is my love that brings you to me.”  He knew each one of you would be coming. He said to us, “You will see my lovers.” We see him in you.

You are the torchbearers to spread his name. God only wants love, so that is what you are giving him and he is happy. May you all be with him, who love him very dearly when he comes in his next advent – that you may also come with him to love and serve him.

Know that he loves you. How fortunate you are to be loved by the God-Man. Be ready to receive his grace when the time comes. That grace will be in this life or in the next, but Baba will never fail you. Baba’s love is true love.”

Dear friends,


It was Mehera’s birthday (Mehera was Meher Baba’s chief woman disciple) yesterday or at least the day appointed by Baba to celebrate her birthday and the message below was posted on the Baba Listserve. Our apologies to anyone who is receiving it for the 2nd time – we thought it was too beautiful not to share with those of you not on the List.


Love In Him

Jenny and Ross

Meher House, Sydney, Australia



From Mehera to Baba’s lovers who came after Baba dropped his body:

“Baba’s love was perfect for each and all. That is why he kept silence. All the suffering that he went through was for humanity. Baba’s love is true love. That is why you all come to Baba – because you feel his love. It is not by chance that you come to Baba. It is his wish and will. Baba himself said, “It is my love that brings you to me.”  He knew each one of you would be coming. He said to us, “You will see my lovers.” We see him in you.

You are the torchbearers to spread his name. God only wants love, so that is what you are giving him and he is happy. May you all be with him, who love him very dearly when he comes in his next advent – that you may also come with him to love and serve him.

Know that he loves you. How fortunate you are to be loved by the God-Man. Be ready to receive his grace when the time comes. That grace will be in this life or in the next, but Baba will never fail you. Baba’s love is true love.”


Please come if you can and forward this on to anyone....Thanks so much!!

Jai Meher Baba!!
Hope everyone is doing well! 
I want to thank all of you for your support and for those that came out to the Blumera event in September. Please join us again in December for a Holiday Sale!


For those in Los Angeles, there will be upcoming event where you can personally view and purchase Hermes' photographic art and books. 
In the holiday spirit, I am offering a complimentary copy of Hermes' photographic work: God in Human Form with every $50.00 purchase. Offer ends January 2011. 
This applies to both the website: and in person purchases. 
Hope to see you there!

December 18, 4-6pm, at Mehera Blum's boutique: Blumera, 8570 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood, CA, 90069,(across from Urth Cafe), from 4-6pm. Refreshments will be served. If you are in the area, please come out and see my Father's beautiful works of Meher Baba.


Please help spread the word and forward this onto fellow Baba lovers and appreciators. You can join the mailing list and get updates on the site by emailing:

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Thank you for your continued support to GLOW INTERNATIONAL. Your subscriptions and donations have helped us publish Beloved Baba's journal for 44 years.

While some of you have sent in your renewals, we request you to encourage Baba lovers in your area to subscribe.

Once again we have to inform you that the postal rates in the US have gone up (the evidence is in the stamps you see on the envelope in which you get The Glow).

If you find it convenient to send your subscription by check or draft, please continue to do so. However, you can also send your subscription and postage amount through PayPal. To do this, please go to our site: and follow the instructions.

The subscription is $60 for 4 issues and $110 for 8 issues. Your copies will be sent by AIR-MAIL.

Yours lovingly,
Naosherwan Anzar
Editor, Glow International

Sent: Thursday, September 02, 2010 7:32 AM
Subject: TALBOT: Hermesbabaphotos and HermesCreations - from Mehera Reiter

Jai Meher Baba!


Hope everyone is doing well. 


Many of you may remember my father, Lawrence Reiter (Hermes), who passed away in 2007. My father spent 27 years of his life devoted to the work of Meher Baba. 


Hermes collected many original glass negatives of Meher Baba from all over the world and then hand printed them -- making Baba’s image available to the world. In addition to his photography work, Hermes edited the twenty volume Lord Meher Biography, published God In Human Form: a book of Baba’s life in pictures, and his last work, Lord Buddha’s Explanation of the Universe


I have many hand printed photos as well as his literary works available for purchase on my website, which was created in my father’s memory: "". Here people can view and purchase his work. The proceeds from all sales will go to a great cause: my new family! See a photo of my sweet 7-month-old baby girl, Sula Pearl, attached below.


For those in Los Angeles, there will be upcoming event where you can personally view and purchase Hermes' photographic art and books: September 11, 4-6pm at the Mehera Blum's boutique: Blumera, 8570 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood, CA, 90069,(across from Urth Cafe), from 4-6pm. If you are in the area, please come out and see my Father's beautiful works of Meher Baba.


Please help spread the word and forward this onto fellow Baba lovers and appreciators. You can join the mailing list and get updates on the site by emailing:


Thank you for your support!


In His Love,

Mehera Reiter


 Hermes' Photographic & Literary Works Sale

Saturday, September 11, 2010


at Mehera Blum's Boutique: Blumera

8570 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood, CA, 90069 

(across from Urth Cafe)


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One of  the photos from the auction is attached. The "Check out the most watched" items are from different sellers.
now listed on ebay for opening bid of $500 and buy-it-now$5000, lock of Meher Baba's hair, listed as "New", not used (haha)....
ebay #150489486893

This blog is featuring two excellent animated talks.

May you have a wonderful virtual walk and enjoy the Freedom of Baba's Love in Meherazad. 
In Beloved Baba's Love and Grace

Your Goals and Longings

Finding New Strength and Wisdom in What Lies Within Them


Yolanda Koumidou-Vlesmas and the Koumidou Center will host

Kris Hines

coming to us from Australia to present on 


Sunday, November 14th 2010, 10am to 5pm in Lynbrook


This workshop will allow you to drop deeply into the mysterious land where live both your conscious goals and the deep longings that may elude being fulfilled - but won’t go away. Explore the layers of your unique identity as it is revealed in your daily life and your inner and outer journey.

Using a mosaic of myth, imagery, poetry, processes, energetic work and Kris’s map and tool “A Spiral of Wisdom”  we will uncover and explore the riches to be found when we step fully into the places that our successes, failures and longings take us. 


You will:

Discover new strengths to embrace what your life brings

Connect compassionately with the psychic content of your goals and longings

Deepen your capacity to feel freed and fulfilled in the moment

Expand your ability to own, accept and work practically with the material of your life

Give new permission to yourself expression

Discover and embrace internal riches and wisdom

Enjoy a creative and inspiring day


About the Presenter

Drawing on a broad experiential and training background in Jungian and child psychotherapy, dream work, bereavement counselling, Voice Dialogue, Psychosynthesis, conflict resolution and Eastern wisdom, Kris Hines has supported and empowered self exploration and life-skilling with groups and individuals of all ages in New Zealand, Australia, the US and India over the last three decades. A New Zealander based in Australia, her practice on the Sunshine Coast is called Inner Work- towards new life. Kris delights in allowing and facilitating the unfolding of people’s potential through the natural alchemical process that is available when we consciously, caringly welcome the immediate, complex and unique material of our lives.  She is currently writing a book based on “A Spiral of Wisdom.” This is a tool of both substance and beauty which has emerged from her own inner work; it serves to enhance and make real our connection to our life odysseys in all their facets. 


Pre-Registration ONLY

Early registration fee: $160 

Registration fee after October 1st: $175

To register: Please send your check payable to the Koumidou Center

150 Piccadilly Downs, Lynbrook, NY 11563

For more information call our Center 516.568.0306 or visit

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Meher Baba Archives Masthead

The future home of Beloved Archives


Promises To Keep

For the past 5 years we have been sending news and updates to all of you about THE MEHER BABA ARCHIVAL FOUNDATION, informing you about the contents of a rare spiritual archive to be set up in New Jersey for all those who know about Meher Baba and are aspiring to know more about His life, work and teachings.  

Beloved Archives, growing in content each day, is a reservoir of spiritual knowledge and a resource for spiritual seekers, researchers and for all those who love Meher Baba.

And we promised you complete access to Meher Baba's teachings, discourses, messages, books, photographs, documents, artifacts, tapes and films - all under one roof!


After a long search, we have selected a House for the Beloved (see photograph above). This building, presently a law firm, is very well maintained and is priced at $245,000.

We are hoping to acquire the property for a total cost of $225,000. We have received $77,087 in donations for the House of the Beloved.

We need your assistance in raising $148,000 before 6 September 2010 to acquire this facility.
We also welcome pledges of donations towards ongoing preservation and archival work.


The place has adequate rooms to house the archives of over 40,000 documents, nearly 3,500 photographs, diaries, tapes, CDs and films. It has ample room to display artifacts, ranging from Meher Baba's sandals, His sadras, His suit worn in Europe, His alphabet boards, and a collection of His personal artifacts; His hair from different periods of His life, Babajan's hair, a piece of Meher Baba's kamli coat and a precious hand-corrected original of the Master's Prayer and lots more.

The House is divided into several rooms making it easier to set up a film and recording studio, a library of books, and a bank of computers for immediate access to the MeherMaster database, with a capacity of a million entries.

This is a great opportunity for Meher Baba lovers to assist in purchasing the House for the Beloved. And a blessing for those who wish to see a public archival center in America devoted to Meher Baba, an hour away from New York, and more importantly, with complete access to spiritual seekers.

It is unlikely that this place will stay on the market for too long and we would appreciate your urgent help in making the House of the Beloved a reality.

Naosherwan Anzar

August 15, 2010

Please send your donations, big or small, to Beloved Archives, 7 Whitney Place, Princeton Junction, NJ 08550, USA, by check or by PayPal. And please email us at:, to let us know that you have sent us a donation.

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This email was sent to by
The Meher Baba Archival Foundation | 7 Whitney Place | Princeton Junction | NJ | 08550

“LORD MEHER and His Lovers”
This movie is mostly uncirculated new film footage of Meher Baba never before distributed. This is a new production which will show the amazing and beautiful love between Meher Baba and Mehera as well as her role in the Avatar's life. It will bring a new understanding of the most pure and loving life that she led with Him. It will also show what love he had for all his disciples, followers and humanity who He would only call his lovers.

This is new rare film footage of Avatar Meher Baba.

This circular is also a fund raiser as we have begun the making of this movie which is all real documentary film of Meher Baba. Not an enactment. To make this will be expensive and is expected to take about a year. It is expected to be about 1hr 30min in length. In the end it will be a most beautiful production in the style of my last film which so many will continue to enjoy so long as the name of the Avatar is known. That is the movie that played in theaters around the world. Titled: “MEHER BABA” Avatar of the Age.

Those who can make a donation of any amount up to $ 50
for the making of this new movie will receive a copy of the Odelet which I just completed titled: “The Journey to the Beyond and Back”

The Odelet is a lighthearted and entertaining poetic rendition of the journey of the soul through evolution, reincarnation and the wonders of the planes of higher consciousness. Based on the explanations of Avatar Meher Baba in His Messages, Discourses and His book “God Speaks”

Those who can donate $ 50 or more.

Will receive the entire book just completed of 50 of my poems which also includes the Odelet. The poems are based on my life experiences and meetings with Meher Baba. They are filled with humor and the many ways he reveals himself and turns us from saints and sinners to His lovers. Simple, easy to read story poems.

Those who can donate $100 or more.
Will receive a DVD of the new movie “LORD MEHER and His Lovers” upon its completion. This will be a pre-release special edition that will come with a Certificate of Authenticity. This DVD will be a collectors item in the future. This movie will live forever as long as the name Meher Baba is known to the world.

In addition upon receipt of your $100 donation you will receive now the entire book of poems including the Odelet.

For those who can donate $ 500.

You name will be listed in the credits of the movie as a supporter who helped make this movie possible. Other family members can be listed for an additional $250 each.

In addition you will receive a DVD of the movie when completed.
(with your name(s) in the credits at the end of the movie.

Upon recept of your donation we will also send you the entire book of 50 poems including the Odelet.

For those who can donate $ 10,000.

You will receive a massive unedited uncirculated archives set of 210 video tapes on 123 DVD’S of the amazing interviews and stories told by Meher Baba Diciples all over the world in 1971 to 1973. Filmed by 7 film teams headed by Irwin Luck throughout India, USA, Europe, Middle East.

For those who can afford to get it for showing to your group or center it will be a priceless treasure for those who see the lives that were connected to Meher Baba and what he said and did with them. This is a legacy of the Avatar that you and those with you will want to see for many, many years to come.

All donations (Checks or Money order in US dollars) should be made payable to Meher Baba Archives

Mail to: Meher Baba Archives, Inc.
                   1130 Waterway Lane
                   Myrtle Beach, SC  29572  U.S.A

If you wish to use your credit card. 
(For amounts up to $ 500) you can  send an E-Mail to: with the amount of donation and we will send you a Pay Pal money request for that amount.

You can also wire any amount to our bank account from your bank. Let us know and we will send you wiring instructions.
In His loving service,

Irwin Luck, Director

Meher Baba Archives, Inc.
Phone: 843-267-8524


By Wendy Haynes Connor


One of my favorite quotes of Baba's is: I speak eternally. The voice that is heard deep within the soul is my voice, the voice of inspiration, of intuition, of guidance. Through those who are receptive to this voice, I speak. (Lord Meher, p. 6533)


This naturally leads to one of those enduring questions in life with Baba: "When struggling to make a decision, how do I know if the voice I hear within is Baba's voice, the voice of the intuition, or the voice of my ego? How do I know if I'm making the right decision or the wrong decision?" When I'm asked a question like that, I naturally search the storehouse of my memories for nuggets of wisdom gleaned from those far wiser than I. One such nugget that I have turned to often in my own life is from a story Kitty once shared with me.


When I was living with Elizabeth and Kitty at their house, Dilruba, at Meher Center in 1974, one of my most delightful tasks was helping Kitty answer the mail. In the later years, getting the mail was one of the highlights of Kitty's day. Everyday, around noon, she would watch to see if the postman had come. She couldn't really see the mailbox from her office but she could see him drive by in his little white truck. Her custom was to send me out to fetch it - "it" was usually a huge stack of letters from all over the country - bring it back to her, and leave her alone to read through it. When she was ready, she would call out for me to come and have me read certain letters out loud. Then, with pencil and paper in hand, I would take down the points Kitty wanted to include in her reply. The funny things was that the letters literally consisted of points: Point #1, Point #2, and so on. Mani often remarked how the women always looked forward to Kitty's wonderful point letters - one letter even had up to 23 points!


One day, Kitty had me read her a long letter covering three legal size pages, front and back. It was from a couple having a terrible time making a decision about whether to buy a condo or a house. Now, while I'm reading this, I'm feeling very critical and having thoughts like, 'Oh, come on, three legal size pages!? How could they burden Kitty like this?' When I finished reading, to my surprise, without any discussion and with an uncharacteristically serious manner Kitty said, "Now take this down. Point #1, Baba loved challenges, obstacles; it is His way of working. Point #2" and then she began to recount a memory of something that happened on Meherabad Hill in the '30's. It was a story I had never heard before.


To paraphrase Kitty, one day the women were gathered outside in the compound on the Hill and they were arguing about something (Kitty didn't remember what). One group was saying, "Yes, that's the right decision!" and the other group was saying, "No, that's the wrong decision!" And so it went back and forth. Suddenly, Baba strode into the compound and was clearly not happy with the group. He spelled out on His board: What are you doing?! Don't you know I made the decision long ago? The decision is not in your hands. There is no right or wrong decision. There is no such thing as a mistake. All I care about is the motive behind the decision - is it for Me or is it for yourself?"


That story was a lovely gift, not only for the real estate challenged couple, but for me as well. In my experience, the hardest part of the struggle is letting go of the results once I've made the decision. There is that space between doing my best and leaving the rest to Him that presents the biggest challenge. That's the space where trust has to live and breathe. To totally trust that Baba has already made the decision and that I have no control over the outcome - that I can only be vigilant about my motive and act in a manner pleasing to Him.


The answer to the question of how to know if my inner promptings are the voice of intuition or of the ego is, of course, I don't always know. Often times, it simply isn't possible to have absolute inner clarity. Rather, my inner voice has the all too familiar feeling of persuasive self-focus so characteristic of the ego. Happily, there are times when the inner promptings of the heart are unequivocal and crystal clear. Often I find what is happening within is an admixture of these two extremes. This is where trust comes in again for me. Here I feel Baba wants me to gradually learn to listen and recognize His voice within, and to trust it when I do. I have to make the best decision I can, take His Name, then let it go and not worry. And I have to trust that there is, as Baba said to the women that day on the Hill, no such thing as a mistake - He made the decision long ago.


For me, this act of trust takes practice. And, as it's part of our journey from ego-centeredness to Baba centeredness, it is natural that we will grow in fits and starts as we slog our way through this maya-jungle world and back into His arms.





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Dear friends,


Michael Ney, the producer of the above documentary has asked us to forward this to you all – it’s a wonderful DVD with unique footage of some of Meher Baba’s mandali, interesting interviews with young pilgrims, fascinating footage of India – definitely worth a watch!


In His Love

Jenny and Ross






"Baba's Birthday" - A 52 min documentary about Avatar Meher Baba, directed by Peter Sumner, is participating in an online competition.


Please view it and rate it... and tell your friends.


Luke, a young Australian follower of the spiritual master Avatar Meher Baba, makes a pilgrimage to India to appear in the classic play "Leila and Majnun", to celebrate Baba's birthday. During the rehearsal time Luke also visits many places of importance to Meher Baba, and speaks with many people who knew and worked with Baba from early 1900s to 1969. Meher Baba is revered by people worldwide as "God in human form". Music by Christopher Gordon, edited by Carolina Rincon, shot in India over 2 months and produced by Sensory Image.


More info and trailer:


Of course, you may also purchase the DVD to view it in better video and audio quality.


DVD distribution in USA is via Love Street Bookstore


and in Australia via Sensory Image -


Distribution in other countries is being sought also... please write to:





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An Urgent Appeal to Meher Baba Lovers Ev
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Donated breast milk in sanitary packages

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Listening to God
In the early 30s Meher Baba often 'talked' to his close disciples. These 'talks' are from an unpublished manuscript Fragments from the Spiritual Talks by Shri Sadguru Meher Baba. A few of the subjects Meher Baba discoursed on are The Different Kinds of Bliss, the Kinds of Knowledge and a host of other spiritual topics.

Meher Baba's Charter: Universal Principles of the Spiritual Path
In Part III, authors Ira Deitrick, President of Sufism Reoriented, and research associate Henry Mindlin, explore the principles of Meher Baba's new Sufism as expressed in the final document and Baba's accompanying letters and notes.  In addition, we publish the entire text of the Charter as an appendix to this article.

Understanding Meher Baba's Charter
Soon after Glow International published the first two segments of Meher Baba's Charter, we received questions from our readers. We requested Murshida Carol Weyland Conner of Sufism Reoriented to answer some of these questions and at the same time clarify some general ideas about "sufism" and  "Sufism Reoriented."

Your Time Is Now
When Meher Baba made a promise, he always kept his promise. He promised us that if we loved him and remembered him, he would lead us from darkness to light. When promises are rooted in love, they never fade they never wither. They blossom each day. The Time is Now to establish the House of the Beloved.

The Architecture of Creation in God Speaks
This two-part article deftly researched by Ward Parks studies four crucial principles, or more exactly, four triads, that play a major role in determining the shape and architecture of creation, as in God Speaks. Part one, which appeared in the Fall issue of Glow International, examined the first two triads, that is, God's trio-nature as Knowledge-Power-Bliss, and His triune attributes as Creator-Preserver-Destroyer. The third and fourth triads are explained in the second segment.

Journey in Consciousness
Based on the Message of Avatar Meher Baba, Rose Reed has compiled a fine collection of 33 topics from Meher Baba's Teachings that are woven together so seamlessly from some 35 sources. The book includes a short biography, prayers, and listings of resources.

Listening to God
Meher Baba photographed by the English journalist Paul Brunton
Meher Baba with his early disciples outside the Panchvati cave in Meherabad, 1930.

These 'talks' were given by Meher Baba to his close disciples, called mandali, and recorded by them. They were later sent by Meher Baba to America to be published under the title Fragments from the Spiritual Talks by Shri Sadguru Meher Baba.

On 'Two Kinds of Knowledge'
There are two kinds of knowledge, viz. the worldly knowledge or the knowledge relating to the material world, and the other divine knowledge or the knowledge which is acquired after becoming one with God. Any person, after becoming spiritually perfect, when he deals with matters pertaining to this material world, reflects in his words and actions his secular attainments as much as Divinity that is in him, although he may not directly utilize other kinds of knowledge.
Your Time Is Now
Meher Baba by the lake

When Meher Baba made a promise, he always kept his promise. He promised us that if we loved him and remembered him, he would lead us from darkness to light. When promises are rooted in love, they never fade they never wither. They blossom each day. Meher Baba promised us that our time would come. YOUR TIME IS NOW. Time to share his message of love, truth and spiritual unity. Your contribution this holiday season "given from the heart" will help establish the HOUSE OF THE BELOVED and Beloved Archives will open doors to those who seek God's love.

Meher Baba by the lake in the 30s. Beloved Archives Image Collection.
Meher Baba's Charter: Universal Principles of the Spiritual Path
Charter given by Meher Baba to Sufism Reoriented
Drawing from original documents preserved in the archives of Sufism Reoriented, including never-before-published letters from Meher Baba and his disciples Dr. Abdul Ghani Munsiff, Adi K. Irani and others, transcripts of Baba's interviews and meetings with Murshida Ivy Duce, Francis Brabazon and Don Stevens and the personal journals of Murshida Duce, the third part in a three-part series, prepared specially for Glow International, traces the origin and history of Meher Baba's Sufi Charter.

Original page of the Charter given by Meher Baba to Sufism Reoriented.

Understanding Meher Baba's Charter
Carol Weyland Conner

Murshida Carol Weyland Conner answers a few questions:

When one reads the Sufi Charter, one sees immediately that the principles Meher Baba has outlined in it are the eternal principles of the Avatar:  God alone is real and life's purpose is to join His perfection through loving Him and living a life of selfless service to His world.

 Carol Weyland Conner, Murshida of Sufism Reoriented.
The Architecture of Creation in God Speaks
Cover of
This two-part article studies four crucial principles, or more exactly, four triads, that play a major role in determining the shape and architecture of creation, as described in God Speaks. Profound and subtle, Baba's discussion of God's Beyond state and its three sub-states will undoubtedly baffle, bemuse, and intrigue philosophers for the next seven hundred years.

The cover photograph of Meher Baba's
God Speaks.

Journey in Consciousness
Rose Reed, in this almost 30-year labour of love has done a truly remarkable job of distilling the basics of Meher Baba's message. "It surpasses scholastic compilation and editing and emerges as a creative work in which inputs from a large number of resources are imaginatively and beautifully woven together."

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Don't Worry, Be Happy

This saying of Baba's, "Don't worry, be happy," became quite well known. It was something Baba would frequently emphasize in a variety of contexts. 

This phrase, "Don't worry, be happy" has come into the larger culture, but many times the origin of the quote is forgotten. In 1988, Bobby McFerrin's hit song, "Don't Worry, Be Happy" was included in the sound track of the movie "Cocktails", and became a hit single the following year. In an interview by Bruce Fessier for USA Weekend Magazine (37), Mr. McFerrin is quoted as saying, "Whenever you see a poster of Meher Baba, it usually says 'Don't worry, be happy,' which is a pretty neat philosophy in four words, I think."

This song instantly broadcast Meher Baba's most popularly known saying across the entire world. It conveyed one aspect of Baba's teachings about not worrying, namely, that "Cheerfulness is a divine quality--it helps others." (Compare, "If you worry your face will frown, and that will bring everybody down".


Thanks to Leigh Rowan


Hi All,
Many people enjoyed my notes on the Building Better Communities Course so I have over the last few weeks basically I written  down everything Howard  Buckly the facillitator said and compiled this booklet
Please feel to pass this onto friends.
Hope you find it inspiring
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