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A Glimpse of Oneness.

The seminar in Berlin, Germany, 16th/17th April, 2011.
A seminar is planned for Berlin on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th April, 2011.
This is an invitation to 2 days of presentations, discussion, film and video showings and conviviality with the hope that a glimpse of Oneness might emerge.
The coordination  is managed by a London based group, whose spiritual source and allegiance to is Meher Baba. The aim of this seminar  is to welcome diversity in the search of spirituality by inviting persons, who are devotees of various spiritual traditions and also artists, who feel connected to spiritual pathways. The aspect of proselytizing is neither an aim nor is the presentation of a new religion.
Seminars have taken place in France, England, Hungary and Italy in the past 25 years through the impetus of Meher Baba devotees in England and France with Don Stevens and others, acting in principal roles.
They were intended as a link amongst persons whose allegiance is to Meher Baba, as well as other spiritual traditions and to bring together avenues of insight and study, without the temptation of argument and knowing best. Rather to exchange and celebrate contributions from pathways, which essentially aim at the core experience of God.
The following themes  are suggested : 

Suggested themes
· pilgrimage, it’s role, traditions, stories
· the role of the human body on the spiritual path
· the role of separation as opposite to Oneness
· the aspect of creativity in spiritual search
· Oneness expressed through beauty
· Companionship in spiritual search
· Spiritual anonymity – the use of anonymity by spiritual figures, past and present.

Translation facilities are being planned for the various sessions.
Contributions within the framework of the suggested themes are welcomed.
Contacts :
Renate Moritz 0044 (0)208 888 3742, e-mail :, or
Wayne Smith,              e-mail :            or
David Lee,                   e-mail :             or
Jane Hoskin.               e-mail:

Accomodation :
The best offer is City 54 Hotel, address : City 54 Hotel & Hostel Berlin GmbH,  Chausseestr. 54,  10115 Berlin, Deutschland. E-mail :, the contact person is Mrs. Ocak, she speaks English.  Accommodation costs  : EU28.00 per night for a double room or EU 42.00 for a single room, breakfast included. There are also rooms for three or more persons in this hotel, which is even less expensive. The contact code for our group is GERMAN SEMINAR. So they will know to book according to the arranged offer.


Directions : From the airport Tegel

By bus :

Take the bus number 128 alight at Kurt-Schuhmacher-Platz; and then take the underground U6 direction Alt-Mariendorf, alight at U-station Schwartzkopffstraße.

By taxi : About 22,00 €, Time: About 20 min.


Directions : From the airport Schönefeld

By bus:

Take the bus number 171 alight at Rudow, and then take the underground U7 direction Rathaus Spandau, alight at Mehringdamm, and then take the underground U6 direction Alt-Tegel, alight at Schwartzkopffstraße.

By taxi: About 42,00 €, Time:About 45 min.


ABC Tickets need to be purchased at the airport for the public transport.

Our seminar will take place at the ABION SPREEBOGEN Waterside Hotel, this is a hotel at the river Spree, it has an artistic feel to it. The seminar room will cost EU 650.00 per day, the coffee break will be EU 6.00, one plate lunch will be EU 15.00 or lunch buffet EU21.00. Single rooms at this hotel will cost EU 99.00 without breakfast or a double room will cost EU 109.00. Companion enterprise will pay for the seminar room.

Address : ABION Spreebogen Waterside Hotel

              Alt-Moabit 99 - D-10559 Berlin

Tel: +49 (0) 30/39 92 00


Should you need further information or help, please contact Renate,

 e-mail : or tel. 0208 888 3742


There is no cost for the seminar itself.





Dear Tony,

We've seen both websites, the material presented in them is unique, the sites are great.
José told us to write you to thanks you for your email.
Here in La Plata there is a group of Baba lovers working in theater, music, translations, radio, book and web design and other activities related to art. This is a unique oportunity that our Beloved gave us to serve Him and spread His message of Love. 
Again, whatever you may need, related to the material we have about Baba's travels, just email us and we'll send it.
Jai Meher Baba!
In His Love and Service,
Sofía and Santiago
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